5 hairstyles. 1 wash. Christmas sorted.

Christmas is a hectic time of year, especially the period leading up to the big day.

While you’re trying to furiously finish off your Christmas shopping and marinate the ham, you also have your work party and the kids’ end-of-year concert to attend.

So how do you try to resemble a functioning (and kind of good looking) human being during this time? We’ve got the trick, with a little inspiration from the Duchess of Cambridge during her royal tour of the U.S.

Kate visits a children's centre in New York. (Image via Getty)

So what's Kate got that we need? A great blowout. Whether you're DIY-ing it at home or indulging in a trip to the salon, the perfect blowout is simply all too fleeting — until now. We've gathered tips from the experts to find out how to make your hairstyle last five full days in the lead up to Christmas. And that'll have you covered for all your Christmas events. Simply follow these rules and channel your inner princess. Who knows, Prince Harry's still single.


What you’ll need: shampoo, conditioner, mousse and/or root spray, finishing spray, dry shampoo, a shower cap, a curling iron, sea salt spray, 6-8 bobby pins, 1-2 hair elastics.

That sounds like a dramatic check list but you can pick up everything pretty cheaply from your local shopping centre.

Day 1: Wash, Prep, and Style

The Product: If you’re starting at home, it all begins with a great wash. “Shampoo twice, first with a clarifying shampoo," recommends Brett James, hair guru,"The second [shampoo] can be different, but not overly hydrating."

Next, give your hair a good conditioning treatment from the middle of the hair to the ends. Once out of the shower, “apply a volume spray or mousse to the roots and, finally, add a blowout serum,” James advised.

The Style: Continue to blow dry and style as you normally would, topping off with some finishing spray.

Kate and Will at the start of the royal tour. (Image via Getty)

Day 2: Lightly Spritz, Curl, and Tousle

The Product: Continue to wear your hair down, but be sure to brush out any bedhead. “Begin by spraying your root area with a dry shampoo and shake your hair thoroughly. Then, go back in with a curling iron to create soft texture," says Sherry Ratay, celebrity hairdresser.

The Style: “After all sections are curled, shake again and use a finishing spray to hold the memory of the style. At the end of your night, lightly spray your root area if you tend to get oily," Ratay says, adding that dry shampoo is the next best thing to a fresh blowout.

Day 3: The Half-Up Change Up

The Product: By now your hair will start looking limp, so don't be afraid to add in a few products. “Apply dry shampoo, this time throughout the hair, and tease a little at the root area,” James said.

From here, you can either use a curling iron or use a sea salt spray to restore curls. Scrunch your hair in your hand afterward to reinforce the shape.

The Style: “Begin pulling pieces up around the front hairline and pin on the sides of the head or in the back of the head, securing in place with bobby pins and keeping it loose,” Ratay said. Then, just set the style with a tiny dose of finishing spray.


Day 4: Up We Go!

The Product:  There’s quite a bit of products in your hair by now, so go easy on your locks. Target oily areas usually found along the hairline with more dry shampoo. Then, try one of these two styling options.

The Style: Updo Option #1: “Use a wide tooth comb to create a soft tease throughout the entire head,” Ratay said. “Then, with a soft bristle brush, pull into a high ponytail. If hair is shorter, do a low ponytail." Once the ponytail is in place, take a small section of hair and wrap it around the ponytail elastic, securing the ends with a bobby pin. Pro-tip: make sure the bobby pin blends with your hair color. Use the soft bristle brush again and carefully tease the ends of the ponytail for additional volume.

Updo Option #2: “Utilise a deeper side part using the wide tooth comb and braid the larger parted section loosely,” says James. Finish the braid at the base with an elastic and pull out some small pieces for a contemporary, undone aesthetic.

Day 5: It’s a Wrap!

The Product: Your hair has been teased, textured, curled, braided, tucked and wrapped, which means it’s ripe to be rolled into a voluminous chignon. Use dry shampoo where needed, running your fingers through the sprayed areas to break up the product.

The Style: “Re-create your high ponytail, but now separate the hair into three parts, giving each of the sections a soft tease,” Ratay suggested. “Move each section away from the centre of the ponytail and create a roll and secure it around the ponytail base with a bobby pin.”


So now you've made it through the holidays with minimal hair time and maximum results – congratulations! Now that the seasonal excitement has come to a close, James said, “proceed to the hairdresser for a fresh blowout." Just in time for the New Year.

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