Kate Middleton's latest fashion statement will cost you just $35. Seriously.

The ‘Kate Middleton effect’ has struck again.

Everything the Duchess of Cambridge touches (or, in most cases, wears) — whether it be cardigans, cork wedges or even a hairnet — is guaranteed to fly off shelves, and over the weekend it happened again.

This time, it’s a pair of GAP pants getting their time in the spotlight.

These pants could be yours. Image via Getty Images.

It's no secret the Duchess is a fan of high-street fashion, regularly photographed in clothes that are accessible to those among us who are, you know, NOT royalty.


These ankle-length skinny stretch pants from the popular American clothing brand are no exception. And yes, GAP does indeed ship to Australia.

Hello there, new pants. Image via

Select colours of the Duchess' pants (which come in every pattern from plain navy to bright red and a blue mosaic pattern) are currently on sale for only AU$35? GO. RUN.

While Kate's exact style of printed pants are no longer available, we're still happy to buy a pair, stroll around Cornwall, England and pretend we're part of the Royal Family.