It's not every baby who gets a Lego figure of their mum.

One of the perks of being  a royal baby? You get to play with Lego figures of your own family…

Prince George is about to get a new toy to add to his play room. Kate (and a couple other English Royals) has just had her Lego figurine revamped.

Ahead of the Royal Ascot (England’s Melbourne Cup equivalent), 7 of the Royal Family’s Lego figures at Windsor’s Legoland have been given a makeover. Including custom-made headpieces by royal hat-maker Rachel Trevor Morgan. Morgan told the Press Association, “What’s not to love about it really? I mean, it’s just been such fun. They are all made in exactly the same way that we might be making our hats in the work room.”

The Lego might cheer Kate up after her make-up choices were criticised by that arbiter of good taste, Sharon Osbourne.  Sharon, 61, and her daughter Kelly were being interviewed about their line of MAC make-up when they were asked who they would most like to give a beauty make-over.

“I think Kate should stop wearing the black eyeliner – I don’t like the black eyeliner, I think it is way too hard because she is so stunning and she needs to open her eyes out, not close them,” said Shaz.

Her daughter leapt in and warned her she was going to get hammered for criticising “untouchable” Kate, but Sharon insisted, “But I’m not saying a bad word – I think she is an amazing young woman, she is gorgeous, but the black eyeliner is so dated and it’s just too hard.”

We doubt Kate’s losing any sleep over it. She’s been a busy woman these last few days, with three official engagements, calling for three stand-out frocks.

Yesterday, Kate attended the 93rd birthday celebrations of the Duke of Edinburgh (Prince Philip), which was held at a garden party hosted by the Queen at Buckingham Palace. Check them out, below:

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