"Kate Hudson is just an "Okay Mum", and so am I."

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I’ve always admired Kate Hudson.

She never takes herself too seriously, she has an amazing relationship with her mum and she got to kiss not just Matthew Conaughey but also Heath Ledger.

But now I have an even bigger reason to admire her. She has just admitted to being the “okay” mum.

The actress has opened up to Marie Claire magazine about what some have labeled her parenting “flaws”. (Me, I like to think of them as being positives.)

Hudson who is the mother of Ryder, 12, with ex-husband Chris Robinson, and Bingham, 5, with ex-fiancé Matt Bellamy, said she doesn’t expect herself to be the perfect mother.

“I don’t try to sugarcoat things,” she told the magazine.

“I’ll say, ‘I’m doing the best I can.’ I like cooking, I like presenting. I like it to be an experience and [my kids] help me with it, but if they want something after that, I’ll be like, ‘Look, I’m placing a meal out for you like a king. I can’t do everything. I’m going to have to be the OK mum.’”

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And with that she has created a parenting label I’m happy to take on.

You know the type.

The one with one hand scrolling through her phone while pushing the swing at the park because something has to distract from that kind of torture.

The one who happily (and quickly) backtracked on the I’ll-never-use-a-dummy pledge because it was the only thing that kept the baby’s screams at bay.

The one who shrugged at the bottle vs breast-feeding debates in Facebook groups because she just did a bit of both.


The okay mum’s idea of food preparation is keeping the discount voucher for the new food delivery app handy and her idea of contributing to the playgroup morning tea is to pull out three bananas and a packet of Milk Arrowroots hastily bought at Woolies on route.

I know its not quite like your organic home made sugar free cocoa slice but its okay right? 

The okay mum is the one whose kids know the phrase, “Not now I’m busy” doesn’t mean, “I don’t love you.” It just means mum has sh*t to do.

I realised long long ago that, raising three kids solo I was never going to be a perfect parent, that there were always going to be compromises and allowances I would have to make.

I realised that I wouldn’t always be able to be there for every school play or sporting event. That my lunch boxes weren’t going to look like those on Facebook and that I’d happily cry with relief every time my kids said they’d rather a $2 vegemite sambo from the tuckshop that day – beacause the okay mum truly hates preparing lunchboxes.

I realised I was happy to be “okay”.

Kate Hudson says she is the "ok mom".

I’ve never quite fitted into the 'Helicopter mum' or 'Tiger mum' category.

I’ve been a bit 'Free-range mum' at times (until I yell at my kids to get inside the house and stop roaming around the neighbourhood.)

When they were born I was a little bit 'Attachment mum' until I needed a break and I stuck them in a pram with a bottle.

None of the labels really quite felt right.

Until this one. The “okay mum.”

The okay mum is alright with things being as best as she can do when she actually has the time to do them. She’s quite happy simply being okay.

Kate Hudson, just like the rest of us really.

Just like Kate Hudson, the okay mum sometimes, when she just needs a teeny tiny break,  hides from her kids – whether literally or figuratively.

Hudson has previously spoken of how she sometimes finds herself “ literally and deliberately hiding from my children.”

Me? I’ve been known to spend an extra minute or two in the pantry with the secret stash of dairy milk chocolate trying not to hear the screams of “Muuuuum I can’t find my shoes. Muuuuuum I need you now. Muuuuum WHERE ARE you?”


The okay mum admits there are parts of child raising that are just mind numbingly boring.

Earlier this year Kate Hudson told Instyle Magazine she can’t stand helping her kids with their homework.

"Yes, I help my kids with their homework” she wrote in an opinion piece for the magazine.

“But I also get bored doing it. I will sit and listen to my children pontificate and discuss their ideas till the day is long because it warms my heart, but I really don’t want to do math! I’m gonna say it: I’d prefer to watch The Bachelor rather than do fractions and divisions."

Hallelujah Queen “Okay-Mom.”

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The okay mum doesn’t have any desire to be the perfect mum cause she is too damn busy stepping over Lego and racing out the door to strive for perfection.

The okay mum. Now that’s the type of mum I’m happy to be.

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