Kate Fischer breaks media ban for lingerie shoot and revealing personal interview.

Former 90s supermodel – and ex-fiancé of Aussie billionaire James Packer – Kate Fischer was just as shocked as the rest of the Australia when paparazzi pictures of herself were released online.

Kate – now known as Tziporah Malkah – hit back at critics online, telling them that “‘Kate got fat!’ is older news than Moses”.

Now, Tziporah has spoken publicly about her life in the latest issue of New Idea magazine, and has hit back at body-shamers by posing for a lingerie shoot.

“At the moment I’m fat. Get over it!” she told the magazine, before revealing she was “shocked” to see she was back in the news for her body.

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“But…I got so much support from people, it was really heartening. Really, why should anyone feel ashamed about how they look when photographed without their knowledge?” she said.

Tziporah hopes that her new photoshoot – her first since she gave up her modelling career after splitting from Packer – will remind women “how beautiful a plus-sized women can be”.

“It’s important women of all ages and shapes know they still have a place and a voice. So if I can now inspire other women by doing a shoot like that myself, then great!” she said.

“I am in no way condoning being overly fat – it’s not healthy, not is being underweight for that matter. But I am saying we all should be more accepting of people’s beauty in all shapes and sizes.”

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Australia’s ‘It Girl’ of the 90s also opened up about her relationship with Packer – the pair were engaged for two years before they split in 1998 – and the nasty rumours that she had ended up with his millions.

“For so long, I had to put up with false rumours that I got multi-millions out of splitting from him,” she told the magazine.

“Once, I was at the supermarket when someone yelled out: ‘Nice job, getting 10 million bucks for lying on your back, Kate!'” she told the magazine.

“[Our house] sold for two million, plus he gave me a few hundred thousand dollars, but the money was half that in the US, as our dollar was so low at the time.”

After their split, Kate headed to the US to “get on with her life” and pursue a career in acting.

Now, back in Australia after 15 years, she works with elderly patients with dementia.

“Life is much more rewarding now,” Tziporah said of her new career.