Former Australian Idol winner charged with driving under the influence of methamphetamine.

This is really sad.

Former Australian Idol winner Kate DeAraugo, 29, has been charged with driving under the influence of drugs.

Today Sydney Confidential reported DeAraugo was pulled over in Sydney’s Surry Hills in March and tested positive for methamphetamine, also known as ice or crystal meth.

The singer has been candid about her struggles with substance abuse in the years since her Idol win.

Kate DeAraugo.

“After [the girl-band] Young Divas I basically lost the plot and went into hiding,” DeAurago told Kyle and Jackie O recently.

“Drugs, depression, the lot. I’m always dieting. It’s always been up and down but after that I really lost the plot and I just ate myself into a mess.”

DeAraugo with her fellow Young Divas in 2008.

“Unfortunately Kate has been battling addictions for a very long time and she’s been very healthy for quite some time, but now has fallen into relapse,” DeAurago’s manager Dave Wilkins told Confidential.

“We are going to be helping her as her family and her management all the way through to get to the conclusion of this and get her healthy.”

DeAraugo has posted shots to her Instagram account recently in which she looks happy and healthy.

An Instagram shot of Kate DeAraugo at a recent gig.

She is due in court on July 31.

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