Kate Ceberano - Why I'll always be a Scientologist

Australia’s most famous member of the controversial church has written a tell-all book

Much-loved Aussie singer Kate Ceberano, 47,  has penned her most intimate personal stories in her new autobiography I’m Talking, and has opened up about her Scientology upbringing.

After a career spanning 33 years, Kate reveals how, as a third-generation Scientologist, the religion and its teachings played a big role in her childhood and shaped who she is today.

Kate says:

‘It’s thanks to the fundamental teachings of the church then, when I was young, that I learnt about ethics, about self-preservation, self-respect.’

The singer also goes on to confirm her strong friendship with fellow Scientologist Tom Cruise, her relationship with INXS singer Michael Hutchence and also opens up about the amazing experience of discovering she had a half-brother:

‘All I can add is that the day he walked back into mum’s life was the greatest day of my life.’

But Kate’s husband of 17 years, Lee Rogers, has deemed her autobiography too open, commenting that he’s ‘not all that comfortable with parts of (the book)’ which detail his own promiscuous past. Especially considering the couple have a 9-year-old daughter together, Gypsy, who will no doubt be exposed to its contents at some point.

Will you be reading Kate's autobiography? Do you think it's appropriate for her to be so open about her life? 

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