Kate Beckinsale becomes a giant penis. Is officially our new hero.

No, Kate Beckinsale hasn’t gotten swept up in the Pokemon Go craze and dressed up as a creature from the game.

It is exactly what it looks like.

She is dressed up as a penis. A giant, inflatable penis.

I mean seriously, could you love this woman more?

The 42-year-old British actress shared the legendary image on social media with an equally amazing caption: “Just a girl trying to make it in a man’s world…”

That’s a phallic fashion statement if ever we saw one.

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In the photo, Beckinsale holds a bit of a bewildered expression on her face — understandably.

But she has given no hint as to why exactly she swapped her usual glamour for this ballsy costume.

We are just grateful it happened.

Meanwhile, here are Mamamia staff wearing the so-called ‘penis’ jacket.