Kasey Chambers' new video clip is stunning.

There is something just so haunting about this new Bittersweet video clip.

Two kids, singing in the smooth tones of Kasey Chambers and Bernard Fanning, keep eye contact for a very long time.

That’s the first impressive thing.

Secondly, people just fade in and out of the background as if by magic. They are there, looking on, but they are the background to these two kids seranding each other. One of the backgrounders (also a super talented kid) is playing the harmonica.

That’s the second impressive thing.

And the third?

The song. It is a total earworm. That may sound creepy, but it means that it’s one of those songs that worms it’s way into your brain and sets up camp. There’s a beat underneath that sounds like a heartbeat. There’s a melancholy melody. And there’s all this cute, adorable, longing, sad, reminiscent love.

And then all of a sudden, there’s Kasey Chambers.

Take a look: