Karl Stefanovic did the Today show in heels.

Heels are hard.

Karl Stefanovic strutted about the Today set this morning in a pair of killer red heels.

Well, strut is being kind of generous. It was more of a bandy-legged hobble.

He’s calling on Australian men to wear a pair of heels to work to show women that they understand the pain we endure to look gorgeous, or something.

“My Achilles heels hurt. My lower back hurts. But God, I look good!” he said, staggering around like a drunk toddler.

“Women of Australia, I’m listening to you, I’m getting what you’re putting down, in these shoes. And I don’t like it. So I want to encourage the men of Australia today to wear high heels to work just so we know how much women of Australia suffer to look how good they look.”

Melbourne 3AW presenter Neil Mitchell joined Stefanovic in the segment, but was less keen to wear his heels (Girl Express from Kmart, if you’re interested).

Karl in his stilettos and Neil Mitchell with his Kmart pumps.

“I was walking around in them, it’s not difficult, I don’t know what women are complaining about, I took three steps,” Mitchell said.

Lisa Wilkinson was unimpressed with her colleagues’ efforts.

“If you blokes really cared, do you know what you’d do, now that you know how much we suffer? When you get home tonight, just give your partner a lovely foot massage,” she said.

The segment came about after it emerged that women wearing flat shoes had been banned from the Cannes red carpet.

He’s standing like Billy the Kid in drag.

Stefanovic finally managed to make his way over the the desk, feeling as though he was “gliding across the floor” but certainly not looking like it.

“You’re the same height as your younger brother now,” Wilkinson pointed out to him.

Those crazy kids! What will they get up to next?

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