The one story from This Time Next Year that left us completely speechless.

Of all the stories shared on This Time Next Year‘s premiere episode on Monday night, it was Luke and Sequoiah’s determination to have a baby that sent shivers down our spine.

“We’ve been trying now for nearly five years; four and a half years. We’ve been unsuccessful and we’re now on our 10th round of IVF,” Sequoiah told host Karl Stefanovic.

karl stefanovic this time next year
Sequoiah and Luke. Source: Channel 9.

"It's cost us a lot emotionally, financially, physically, definitely mentally... We've had multiple miscarriages, but it was after our eight round that we had a new doctor look at our situation and literally tell us that we had a one per cent chance of having our own biological child," Sequoiah continued.

Understandably, it was an experience the South Australian couple called tough, with Luke saying each failed round was "a bit of a kick in the guts".

Despite it all, though, the couple remained resolute that they were going to have a baby, and as per the show's requirement of its participants, pledged to do so in the next 12 months.

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"We've decided to go down the egg donation route," Sequoiah said, explaining the eggs from another woman would be sought and fertilised with Luke's sperm before being implanted into Sequoiah's uterus for her to carry.

"Fingers crossed," she said before the South Australian couple left the stage.


At the time of the reveal, Stefanovic - who doesn't know the outcome of the pledges until the reveal - said his heart was "pounding".

And incredibly, when the door opened, Sequoiah and Luke appeared with not one baby, but two.

"We have been completely blessed, is all we can say. We got two for the price of one," Sequoiah said introducing Stefanovic to the couple's sons, Saxon and Silas.

Describing the process as a whirlwind, Sequoiah said, "it was nothing we weren't unfamiliar with, because obviously we'd been there done that, except this time we had the absolute joy and excitement of finding out we were first, pregnant, which, again, been there and done that so we didn't get our hopes up too much. But once we go to sort of the three-month mark we realised we might be in for a go here, so got a little bit excited and we went in for our first scan and blown away to find out there were two in there, not just one."

karl stefanovic this time next year
Luke, Sequoiah, Silas and Saxon. Source: Channel 9.

And despite being born eight weeks early, the couple say both babies are happy and healthy, and the family is thriving.

"There's just no better feeling. I love being a mum," Sequoiah said through tears.

"It's the best feeling ever, really," Luke agreed. "I love it. I go to work and all I want to do is come home and see them."