Karl Stefanovic - The number one story this year has been terrorism.

Karl Stefanovic’s new political show The Verdict wrapped up its first season tonight with a countdown of the news stories that made 2015.

Clocking in, sadly, as the number one story and the most significant for the year as ranked by viewers, was terrorism and the rise of the Islamic State.

Karl, who was in Paris reporting the deadly terrorist attacks at the time, made an impassioned plea to Australians saying “we can only hope the real strength and courage of normal people, of all faiths and cultures will always prevail.”

Karl Stefanovic on The Verdict

Describing the stories of terrorism as a “black thread” that had run through the last year, he said it has been shocking for Australians.

“Australia, still shocked the siege at the Lindt cafe, witnessed the murder of Curtis Cheng and dawn raids on terror suspects,” Karl said.

“Around the world there were bombs in market places, and on a plane, and in a mosque. Gunmen on a train and at the office of a magazine.”

“And then  Paris suffered again the Islamic state attack on cafes, a stadium and a concert.

“Whatever motives drive the terrorists their victims are almost always unarmed and innocent.”

Well said Karl. We are with you.