Important announcement: Karl Stefanovic doesn't look like Karl Stefanovic anymore.

Ahhhh, mi scusi, but Karl Stefanovic no look like Karl Stefonovic anymore.

In fact, Karl Stefanovic appears to be channeling post-divorce-on-the-cover-of-GQ-a-little-bit-rugged Brad Pitt, these days.

Don’t believe me? Well, perhaps you might like to see The Today Show host on the cover of this weekend’s Stellar Magazine, as shared by Channel Nine on Instagram.

Stefanovic is posing on maybe a couch or maybe the floor or maybe somewhere else all together, that I cannot shed light on. But what is obvious, is that he is snapped with enough grey hairs poking out to suggest stress, age, time are things that take their roll – surprise! – but enough brown hair to illustrate the stresses of the last year haven’t taken over his life.

(And if you thought your Friday was unproductive, consider the fact I just tried to analyse the colour of Karl Stefanovic’s hair and make it a symbol of his survival through divorce. I cannot be beaten.)

The cover is brandished with a single quote: “I’ve hard some very dark moments where I’ve felt ashamed and that I had failed” which is perfect click bait for a sucker like me who just wants to know more (!!!).

Ahhh. And here were you thinking the odd filter is just for the chicks, eh?

Lisa Wilkinson on the media attention Karl Stefanovic’s divorce attracted: