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1. Roxy Jacenko on the drama surrounding Karl Stefanovic: “It’s a trainwreck.”

Less than 24 hours after Peter Stefanovic stepped down from his role at Channel Nine, Karl Stefanovic’s departure from the show has been announced.

“Nine and Karl Stefanovic have agreed it is time for him to step off the Today show,” a statement from the network read.

“Karl remains on contract with the network and will continue to host (his other show) This Time Next Year, which records in February.

Now, just hours after the announcement was made, PR queen Roxy Jacenko has chimed in on the drama.


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“To be honest, it’s a trainwreck,” Roxy exclusively told the Daily Mail.

“But you know what? You’ve got to wish them well. Karl’s moved on, he looks happy. And I guess [Cassandra] has to be as well,” Roxy added.

Roxy also responded to reports that Karl had told Cassandra that he was the “best journalist in Australia”.

“Well that’s f*cking big-noting himself,” Roxy joked.

“There’s a lot of great journalists out there. Is he the best? I don’t think he’s the best, but he’s good at what he does,” she added.


2. “Something had gone wrong.” Lauren Brant has shared details of her 48-hour pregnancy scare.

Media personality Lauren Brant, who is pregnant with her second son with Barry Hall, has shared an emotional Instagram post shedding light on a 48-hour pregnancy scare she endured this week.

The 29-year-old former Hi-5 star recalled having stomach cramps and feeling nauseous while in Melbourne, away from their Gold Coast home.

She shared the candid post about the ordeal alongside a photo with her son and husband Barry, 41.

In the caption, she describes the panic she felt when she thought something had happened to the baby.

As is turned out, it was a stomach bug, but she explained it was a “terrifying” 48 hours, and on reflection, she added that she now feels a stronger connection to her unborn son.

“I felt so much relief and all the blood rushed back to my head,” Lauren said on discovering her diagnosis.

“I also feel so heartbroken for all those who have had a miscarriage, including some of my closest family & friends. I send love to you all,” she added.


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Well it was back to all smiles today, but the last 48 hours have been terrifying… while in Melbourne I started having stomach cramps and feeling nauseous. This was followed by throwing up and lower back aches. I started to get worried as I don’t remember this happening in my last pregnancy… but there were no signs of spotting so I monitored it throughout the day. Well at 1.30am yesterday morning, I started having contractions, in my stomach and lower back. It was the same type of contractions I had when I went into labour with Miller. I woke up and walked around to see if it would stop, but they started happening every 5 minutes, and I continued to throw up. Barry and I googled the closest hospital and I started making plans to get there on my own while Barry stayed with Miller. At that point Miller woke up and started calling for me, so I went into our room and lay with him to settle him. While doing this, all my pain & nausea eased and without knowing – we all managed to fall asleep again. In the morning when I woke up, I felt better and there was still no spotting, but I knew something had gone wrong and I was terrified that I had lost our baby. I flew back to the GC and went to see my obstetrician … with tears in my ears I said ‘can you just check me straight away, I have a bad feeling.’ Well she immediately had a look and straight away said ‘he’s fine, there’s a heartbeat.’ I felt so much relief and all the blood rushed back to my head. It turns out I had a stomach bug which caused irritable bowl and caused my body to have contractions, which were harmless at this time because my cervix is closed. But in amongst this crazy busy life, today for the first time I really felt connected to this little boy in my belly and release how much I already care for him. I also feel so heartbroken for all those who have had a miscarriage, including some of my closest family & friends. I send love to you all ❤️ Thank you to the angels for watching out for me & my boys x

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Lauren and Barry have an 18-month-old son, Miller.

3. North West told Kim Kardashian how to pose in a very cute mother-daughter photoshoot.

At just five years old, Kim and Kanye’s daughter North West could be Hollywood’s newest tiny fashion shoot director if these adorable photos are anything to go by.

The pint-sized celebrity starred in her first photoshoot alongside her mum, who says she took her direction and followed her poses the whole way through.

“North came to visit me on set & said momma can we do a photo shoot together just me & you! I followed her poses & direction so here it is!” Kim wrote on Instagram.

There were, of course, hand gestures involved.

The photo result was very cute. Check it out for yourself:

It seems the mini-Kim has perfected her posing prowess early, and when she’s old enough, may even put her own mother’s Instagram selfie skills to shame.

Can you imagine?

We bet Kim would be low-key salty if her daughter had more followers than her though.

4. She left heartbroken on The Bachelor, but Brittany Hockey says she has no regrets.


It was the shock television moment of 2018 (big call, but we’re making it) when this year’s Bachelor Nick Cummins chose no one.

In the aftermath, Nick, and the two women he sent home in the finale – Brittany Hockley and Sophie Tieman – were thrust into the spotlight, as the nation tried to figure out what the hell just happened.

Cummins himself called his journey into finding reality TV romance “soul-destroying”, and now, Brittany Hockle – who, let’s face it, we were all pretty sure he would pick – has revealed her own reflection on the experience.

And while her year may have been a… tumultuous one, to say the least, she says she has “no regrets”.

In an emotional Instagram post on Tuesday, the reality star said the year “cracked [her] wide open.”

“[It was] equal parts confronting, inspiring [and] exposing. I laughed, I cried, I learnt,” she posted.

“It wasn’t all roses (I mean, I had to),” she joked.

“…I’m running into 2019 with a full heart, happy and with no regrets.”

You can spy the full post below.

Go Britt!


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???? In 2017 I came back from an almost three year round the world trip and I was in a way worried at how I would continue to keep my soul alight after the incredible experiences I had just had. But. I need not have worried. Because 2018 Cracked me wide open. Equal parts confronting. Inspiring. Exposing. I laughed, I cried, I learnt. I think I felt every possible emotion. I wore my heart on my sleeve. And my dress. And my swimmers. And all articles of clothing really. I took chances. And that’s what life is about. And whilst it wasn’t all Roses (I mean, I had to ????) it was a damn fun ride. I know everything happens for a reason and the future both scares and excites me. I’m running into 2019 with a full heart, happy and with no regrets. I truly hope you can all say the same. I know heading into a new year on your own can be really daunting for a lot of people, both men and women (trust me- this used to be me-I’m 7 years flying solo) but use this as incentive to go do something you’ve always wanted to do! THE TIME IS NOW! (I’ve always wanted to yell that!) Keep doing the things you love and happiness will find you. Your happiness starts with you. The rest will follow. Can’t wait to see what next year brings. I hope you all take a risk???? ???? The beautiful @melcarrero_ capturing the feels perfectly. Wearing @spell #byronbay #travel #neverstopexploring

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5. After discouraging the use of sunscreen, Pete Evans’ latest advice is to stare into the sun.

Pete Evans is back with some uh, bizarre ‘medical advice’.

He’s previously spruiked recipes for a dangerous “bone broth” for babies, said sunscreen was unnecessary and supported groups that claim flouride in water is “dangerous”.

And now, well, we have this:

Yes. He is now advocating for staring at the sun – or uh, #sungazing – as one of the best forms of “free medicine”.

He says he only has a “brief gaze” into the “radiant light of the early rising or late setting sun”, but damage to your eyes can happen within seconds and you should just… Not do this. Ever.

The Vision Eye Institute warns that when your eyes are over-exposed to the sun’s UV rays, the radiation literally cooks the exposed tissue and can cause permanent damage. Yes, this can even happen when UV levels are lower at sunrise and sunset.

Do. Not. Want.

You can read the full story right here on Mamamia.

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