Karl Stefanovic's Australian Ninja Warrior proposal was shut down.

On this morning’s episode of the Today show, Karl Stefanovic suggested there should be a different Australian Ninja Warrior course for women.

He was met with a resounding no – from both his co-hosts and the Australian public.

Last night, Andrea Hah become the first Australian woman to make it up the warped wall. It took six years for a woman in the US to achieve the same level of success.

During the segment Stefanovic asked columnist Miranda Devine whether she thought there was a genuine need for a different course.

“I don’t think so,” she replied. “It hasn’t taken us six seasons, Australian women are pretty tough.”

Devine also explained that some parts of the course would actually be easier for women and harder for men.

“She’s only 57 kilos, so to get her body up and across some of those obstacles is a lot easier than a 90 kilo man.”

Stefanovic then turned to his co-host Sylvia Jeffreys, who agreed wholeheartedly with Devine.

“I haven’t heard one female ninja say they don’t want to tackle the same course as a bloke,” Jeffreys said. “So I say let them tackle it.”

After suggesting the idea at least three times during the show, a poll went up on Today’s Facebook page and at the time of publication, 88% of people disagreed with Karl.

It seems as though Karl may have missed the mark on this one, with many people commenting that his suggestion was both sexist and unnecessary.

“No it should be an equal course for men and women. If it was altered to accommodate women it would be unfair to the men. Andrea almost completed the course with ease and she doesn’t want it changed either,” one person commented.

“Most women want to do the course because it is a challenge I think reducing the course would feel demeaning for most female athletes and Andrea is capable of doing it. Why do people have to continually play the gender game in all aspects of life. For goodness sake leave it alone,” added another.

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“Some men can’t do it and found it too hard as well, should we make it easier for the men who found it too hard?? How about we make it just a straight walk down a flat path to make sure everyone can do it.”

I guess that’s a big fat no.

Do you think there should be a different course for women? 

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