Karl Stefanovic failed to solve a really simple maths problem on live TV.

As a journalist, maths is really not my strong point.

Seriously, walk into any newsroom and ask everyone to recite their 12 times tables, you can basically taste the collective panic.

The percentage calculator I have earmarked in my favourites finds itself abused almost daily. It is my life-saver.

Writing and arithmetic. Chalk and cheese.

But of course, my math brain fails always occur mostly privately.

Karl Stefanovic, however, had his maths fail beamed into our living rooms on live, national TV this morning.

Image via Channel 9.

After newsreader Sylvia Jeffreys spoke about a buffalo wing eating competition, in which Joey "Jaws" Chestnut won by eating 188 wings in 12 minutes, Stefanovic was baffled.

He was puzzled by how many chickens would have involved.

"188 wings. How many chickens is that?... 89 or something?" the co-host awkwardly asked, through laughter.

Sorry mate, not quite.

"90 something.... 94," Jeffreys corrected.

"Poor little chickens, what did you live for man? So my wings could go in a competition," Stefanovic joked.

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