Celeb in 5: Tuesday's best entertainment and gossip news.

1. Apparently Karl Stefanovic is “raging” at Cass Thorburn’s new gig on Dancing with the Stars.

On Thursday morning last week, it was confirmed that children’s author and broadcaster Cassandra Thorburn would appear on the upcoming of Network Ten’s Dancing with the Stars.

Although the former wife of Karl Stefanovic initially turned down the role, she soon changed her mind when her father encouraged her to do it just prior to his death.

Now, a week on from the announcement, new reports have claimed that Karl is “raging” over his ex-wife’s new TV gig.

Cassandra Thorburn and Karl Stefanovic. Image: Getty.

"It will be the ultimate slap in the face for Karl to see Cass on TV looking fitter than she's ever been," a source reportedly told magazine Woman's Day.

"And trust me, he'll be raging behind closed doors. How the tables have turned!" the source continued.

"I know he's not coping very well with the fact that his ex-wife has a great new gig, while he's not even sure what he'll be doing next week."

Karl lost his job with Today in December, not long after his Mexican wedding to shoe designer Jasmine Yarbrough.

2. Um. A very dedicated Harry Styles fan just got his face tattooed on her... cheek.

Former One Direction member, Harry Styles, has himself an A++ super fan, so much so that she's currently walking around with a permanent portrait of his face on her right cheek.

We think.

Singer and mega-fan Kelsy Karter debuted the portrait on her Instagram and the resemblance is astounding, see for yourself.

Here's real life Harry Styles...

Styles in the flesh. Image: Getty.

And here's tattoo Harry Styles...


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mama, look what i made me do

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While Instagram tags show the ink was done by LA tattoo artist, Romeo Lacoste, there is the theory that the possibly fake tattoo is part of Karter's media strategy for her latest song 'Harry'.

Because you know what gets people's attention? Disproportionately huge and very noticeable face tattoos.


Now someone try and one up her. Please. We dare you.

3. The Bachelor’s Apollo has a new girlfriend. And she’s from another reality TV show.

The exclusive annual cross-network ex-reality TV star singles mixer we may or may not have totally made up has produced yet another couple.

Proving again that even if you strike out on The Bachelor or Love Island, the reality TV gods will do their best to deliver (you hear that, new MAFS contestants?).

This time around, it's mango daiquiri-sipping Bachelor In Paradise favourite Apollo Jackson and Edyn 'Mac' Mackney, who you may remember from last year's instalment of the half-naked dating show Love Island.

The couple confirmed the relationship on Instagram over the weekend, with Edyn poking fun at both their reality TV pasts. (Touché).

The two have been popping up on each another's Instagram accounts ever since Saturday's post, with Apollo even sharing a video on his Insta Story of his new girlfriend styling his hair "like a troll doll."


We are glad the system works and look forward to whatever the next totally-fictional-yet-maybe-not reality TV star single mixer brings.

4. Grant Denyer hilariously nails the truth of getting intimate when you have kids


Ahh, the married sex lives of our local prime-time radio celebs, our favourite type of goss.


Is it?



Grant Denyer, our newest king of the overshare, gave his 2Day FM breakfast radio co-hosts a very honest glimpse into his relationship with wife, Cheryl.

The Gold Logie winner opened up to Ed Kavalee and Ash London about the fact he “ain’t getting no sex” (and we suspect he probably won't be after this, either).

“There’s no love going down," he said.

“We were prolific,” he said about the early stages of their romance. “We were just a couple of freak machines.”

But Denyer said things had quietened down since having their two daughters, Sailor, 7, and Scout, 3.


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Yep, we’re THAT family. And proud of it ???? Merry #christmas everybody. ???? from the Denyers #matchymatchy

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“Our kids burst in everywhere we go,” Denyer said. “I can’t go to the toilet without my daughter wanting to sit on my lap. Scouty sat on my lap while I went to the toilet the other day.”

Denyer and his wife attempted to, er, get down, recently, but it almost led to a trip to the emergency department.

“I said, ‘Let’s get under the doona, Mrs D.’ I literally had to pitch a tent with the doona. We’re under there and then the kid bursts the door open. Runs in, jumps on top of the bed and … nearly snaps it (little Denyer) in half.”



Oh... no.

But it didn't stop there.

Denyer then said to Kavalee and London: “If you see me rubbing up against a lamp at work, I’m sorry guys.”

Yeah, it was a lot more than we all bargained for, but hey, we're sure there are parents out there who can relate.

5. We're only one episode into Married at First Sight, and we have our first major spoiler.

The sixth season of Married at First Sight premiered on Monday night and we’ve already been tricked into believing that this time, love will actually prevail.

You see, it’s Jules and Cameron. The entrepreneur and former professional sportsman instantly fell for each other when they met at the altar, and all anyone wants is for them to get real married and live happily after.

married at first sight 2019 jules cameron
Everybody loves Jules and Cameron. Image: YouTube.

According to the Daily Mail, Jules and Cameron were spotted together with friends and family at Sydney’s The Bellevue Hotel where it was believed the cast held a screening party.

The photos show Jules and Cameron with Jules’ arms around Cameron in a position that didn’t look coerced or staged – meaning they’re DEFINITELY still together.

According to the publication, they looked “thoroughly loved-up” and Jules couldn’t wipe the smile off her face.

This news makes us so damn happy. You can read the full story, including more spoilers, right here.

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