Karl Stefanovic opens up about the impact his new paparazzi fame has had on his health.

Video by Today Show.

Today Show host Karl Stefanovic has opened up about the toll the pursuit of the paparazzi since his marriage breakdown has had on his health.

The 42-year-old told The Sydney Morning Herald’s Private Sydney that he has been hounded since his split from wife Cassandra Thorburn after 21 years of marriage.

The media personality likened the media’s scrutiny of Brad Pitt following his split from Angelina Jolie to the fallout of his own relationship breakdown, commenting “I’m no Brad Pitt”.

We discuss Karl Stefanovic’s new relationship on Mamamia Out Loud. Post continues below. 

“Having 20 paps on your ass for three months is not good for your health. Or anyone you are associated with,” he said.

“They are dangerous on the roads as well. Goes with the territory I know but it makes living hard.”

Stefanovic did not comment on his rumoured relationship with 33-year-old Los Angeles-based designer Jasmine Yarbrough, but slammed certain outlets for their coverage.


As Mamamia previously reported, ‘news’ of the relationship has been splashed across the tabloids, accompanied by paparazzi pictures of the two lazing on the bow of a boat, and getting into the backseat of a car together. Stefanovic’s mum Jenny has also been a target of photographers.

“There’s been a lot of bullsh*t out there which I will respond to in due course. And others I won’t. I just can’t right now,” he told Private Sydney.

Today viewers will have noticed Stefanovic’s absence from the show last week, but he told Private Sydney this was due to his shooting of an upcoming “prime time special” for Channel Nine.


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