A taxi driver recorded Karl Stefanovic having a whine about co-host Georgie Gardner.

A taxi driver allegedly has an illegal recording of TODAY Show host Karl Stefanovic saying some not so nice things about his co-host Georgie Gardener that he is trying to sell to journalists.

Reportedly Karl was in a taxi venting to brother Peter Stefanovic who had his phone on speaker meaning the entire conversation was audible to the driver.

Appearing on the Kyle and Jackie O Show, entertainment journalist Peter Ford claimed that he had been approached by said taxi driver who is “shopping around” the audio to the highest bidder.


There was “a bit of b**ching and a bit of moaning,” said Ford.

While he wouldn’t go into detail about what was in the recording, the journalist said that it could cause friction between the two co-hosts.

“A TV celebrity, late at night, gets into a cab’s backseat. He decides to make a phone call, puts that phone call on speakerphone and rings someone he’s related to, his brother,” he said.

“They have a good session, they have a very frank and full conversation, and they cover lots of territory, and they talk about lots of people.”

However, there was one particular relationship the journalist went into detail about.

“Obviously I was talking about Georgie Gardner.

“Some of it would be embarrassing if it got out, but … I don’t know that it would destroy it,” he said.

Georgie Gardner says she doesn’t hang out with Karl after work, and we think that’s perfectly fine because you don’t always have to be friends with colleagues. Post continues after audio.

Covert car conversations aside, Georgie’s relationship with Karl has been a reportedly rocky one. Replacing Lisa Wilkinson after salary issues last November, when speaking to Stellar magazine, Gardner said that she was still “trying to find [her] groove.”

“Good chemistry doesn’t necessarily equate to being best friends,” said the 46-year-old.

“Relationships by their very nature are often complex, and when it’s in those hosting chairs on national TV, you’re exposed. But that’s interesting.”

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