Once upon a time, Karl Stefanovic was Karl Stefarnonovitch.

The same week we’ve heard Karl Stefanovic’s personal popularity ratings have dropped, it’s also been revealed he got “sort of” expelled from a Brisbane high school; his real surname is not ‘Stefanovic’; and he has a Southern Cross tattoo spread across his back.

“You should not be laughing at Southern Cross tattoos,” the 42-year-old told Nova’s Kate, Tim & Marty this afternoon. “I’ve got one of those.”

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When pressed for more detail, Stefanovic (if that is his real name) said it’s on the back of his shoulder, alongside “a dragon and a moat and a knife”.

The Today presenter also said his father changed their Serbian last name from Stefarnonovitch to Stefanovic because “it sounded more Australian”.

“Sounds more credible, doesn’t it?” he joked, adding that the traditional name caused some “problems” when he was at school.

He also told Nova he was raised in Queensland’s Brisbane but that his family moved to Cairns after he “semi” got kicked out of school in Grade 11. He was originally born in Darlinghurst in Sydney.

Reports that Stefanovic’s personal ratings have dropped have been attributed to him leaving his wife of 21 years, Cassandra Thorburn, late last year.

Following this, he begun a relationship with 33-year-old model-turned-designer Jasmine Yarbrough.

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“They see a mother, she stood by him for all those years,” Kiis FM radio host Jackie O said on-air yesterday.

“This is what a lot of women would think; ‘this is a lovely lady who’s stood by him for years, they have a family and they see him leave her’.”