Karl Stefanovic eats the world's hottest ice cream. Immediately regrets it.

Our eyes are watering just watching him.

Chili ice cream? The notion seems a little counter-intuitive but Gold Coast liquid nitrogen ice cream parlour, Negative 210, has invented just that: An ice cream so brutal that those who dare try it must sign a waiver before having a taste.

For most of us, the thought of tasting the chili ice cream would be enough to make us want to run to Coles, grab a Chocolate Paddlepop and soothe our tongues.

But when Karl Stefanovic, Today Show host and obvious daredevil, was offered a bowl, there was nothing he could do but accept.

The ice cream, made of fresh cream, chocolate and a trio of chillies – ghost pepper, Trinidad scorpion pepper and the new Carolina reaper – is just one step down from toxic pepper spray, which is used as a self-defence weapon.

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Karl put on a brave face, but once the chili kicked in, his true feelings came out.

After his initial exclamation of, “That is frickin’ hot, man. I can’t feel my bottom lip anymore”, Karl was done.

“That should never see the light of day, that stuff,” he said.

For some reason we will never understand, Lisa Wilkinson tried it, too. She immediately regretted her decision.

You can watch the sidesplittingly funny moment when she dips her finger in the stuff and has ‘just a taste’ here.

Always polite, Lisa Wilkinson responds saying “I’m sure the rest of your ice cream is fabulous, but that stuff is awful.”

Karl, Lisa.. a lesson. When someone offers you chili-flavoured ice cream, don’t take it.

Stick with plain ol’ vanilla.

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