Karl Stefanovic apologises for being drunk after Today Tonight Logies sledge but did he need to? I say not.

Nice work Today Tonight for editing together – and repeating – a few clips of Karl Stefanovic laughing during the course of a light-hearted post-Logies show that went for three hours. And that proves….what?

I went to the Logies once. Years ago when I was in magazines. I sat next to Tara Moss and someone else very tall (I think maybe the red-headed actress from Hey Dad?) and drank too much because the ceremony was rather long and boring. I can’t remember who was hosting. I can’t remember what I was drinking but it didn’t need to be much. I am a very cheap drunk.

There was dancing involved.

The next morning, I was due to appear on The Today Show to discuss Logies fashion. I went to bed at about 5am and was up at 6am. On air by 7:15am, I looked more than a little green and had trouble making any sense whatsoever. I didn’t quite vomit into a pot plant but I came close. It happens.

Karl apologies for Monday

This morning on the Today Show, Karl apologised for his behaviour on Monday. But did he need to? Did he really offend anyone? He’s a lovely person who had a couple of drinks. Care factor? Low.

My favourite part of the clip is watching Lisa try not to giggle.

Karl Stefanovic

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