Karl Lagerfeld has designed a pencil set. We want it.

Remember those little plastic art suitcase; you know the ones, with the coloured pencils, textas, little water colour paints and tiny scissors? Aside from a Furby, they had to be among the most coveted things a 80s/90s kid could possibly own.

Well good news, boys and girls: there’s a grown-ups version.

This is the Faber-Castell Karlbox, a.k.a. the colouring kit of your dreams, designed by Chanel’s very own Karl Lagerfeld.

Just look at this thing, would you. The colours! The perfectly ordered colours!

We may need a moment alone with this picture. Via karl.com.

Designed to mimic a Chinese wedding cabinet, the lacquered beech wood Karlbox blooms to reveal row upon row of colourful drawing tools - 350 to be exact.

From polychromos colour pencils, Pitt ink pens and Castell 9000 graphite pencils, to brushes, a foldable water cup, erasers and sharpeners.

All hues have been handpicked by the legendary couturier, and are arranged into primary and secondary shades.

It's basically all your childhood dreams, but with a touch of Chanel.

Unfortunately, that also means it'll cost you more than a touch of your bank balance.

Roughly $4000, in fact. It is a limited edition product, though - just 2500 are being made, and you'll get a special certificate of authenticity and unique serial number to go with it.

Okay, yes, it's absurdly expensive and completely unnecessary - I mean, we haven't drawn a picture since 1998. But for some completely inexplicable reason we kinda, sorta want it anyway. Badly.

Damn you Lagerfeld, you wily (silver) fox.


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