Karen Walker's new fashion campaign has done every woman with hands a huge service.

If you’re a woman who possesses hands, you can probably count on the fingers of both of them how many times you’ve received this warning:

Your neck and hands are the biggest giveaways of your age.

It’s just one more ridiculous piece of “cautionary advice” that makes women feel they’re not enough. That the extremely natural process of getting older should be avoided in the same way yellow nail polish should be. (Post continues after video.)

In a wonderful move, New Zealand fashion designer Karen Walker has released a new jewellery campaign that will change the way you look at your digits.

Called Magic Hands, the collection was shot by Ari Seth Cohen (who created the Advanced Style movement which praises the style and lives of older women) and features two models you probably haven’t seen on a runway recently.


One more from my shoot for @karen_walker jewelry starring @purplehaze75

A photo posted by Ari Seth Cohen (@advancedstyle) on Aug 22, 2016 at 2:17pm PDT


Phyllis Sues is 93 years old, a pianist and fashion designer, and Roberta Haze is 78 years old, a great grandmother and Broadway actress.

Both pairs of hands tell a story. They’re not smooth, vein-less or blemish-free by any means. But there’s something so breathtakingly beautiful about them nonetheless.


These are hands that have lived.  Caressed faces. Held children, grandchildren. Hands that have gripped scripts and pushed down piano keys to create stunning melodies. Hands that haven’t held back from doing anything for fear of one day becoming wrinkled.

“Hands can be every bit as expressive as faces,” Walker explained to Pages Digital.

“These Magic Hands speak of a life well-lived and they absolutely have their own stories to tell.”


Do you like this campaign?

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