"I knew she wasn't coming home." Karen Ristevski's brother speaks of his heartbreak.

On April 18 2019, Borce Ristevski was sentenced to nine years in prison for the death of Karen Ristevski.

Karen Ristevski’s brother has opened up about the “horrific” eight months since the 47-year-old’s disappearance, saying that her body’s discovery this week was actually a “relief”.

Steve Williams described his older sister, her close bond with her daughter and how he has coped since the Avondale Heights mum was last seen in June last year, during an interview with Nine News.

The grieving man said the past eight months had been “totally horrific” and that he had given up hope of finding Karen alive long ago.

Steve had tears in his eyes as he spoke about his sister. (Image via Nine News.)

"(I) knew Karen wasn't coming home. Knew that from a very early stage. Yesterday just confirmed what we pretty much thought and knew all along," he told Nine News reporter Alexis Daish.

"Part of it's actually a little bit of relief. It's an end to what everyone was unfortunately thinking."

He said this was in part due to the cruel "glimmer of hope" that persisted.


Mr Williams described his sister as "energetic", very dedicated to her family and work, and someone no one ever had a bad word to say against.

He added that she was very close to her only daughter, 21-year-old Sarah.

"Sarah being the only child. Yeah, very close. Both of them obviously love fashion and clothes."

Karen and Steve were each other's only siblings. (Image via Nine News.)

Victoria Police confirmed on Tuesday that a body discovered in bushland at Mount Macedon belonged to Karen Ristevski.

No charges have been laid, but her husband, Borce, is the lead suspect, according to his lawyer.

Mr Williams said that finding his sister was only the end to one "chapter", with more now opening up.

He said he hoped the rest of the unanswered questions surrounding his sister's death would be resolved quickly.