The Kardashians should be our role models. This is why.

All we ever hear is trash talk about the Kardashians. But I strongly believe that everyone is so very wrong about this family.

So it seems the internet in general aren’t fans of the Kardashians.

We’ve written about it. These people have written about it. And these people. And these and these and these and these people.

The general theme goes something along the lines of “they’re overexposed”, or “they objectify their bodies”, or “there’s too much Kanye in the Kardashian Klan”.

You do you, Kimmy K. Image via Twitter.

All valid points. However, I disagree with each and every one of them.

When we look back at this decade, I am confident we will refer to the Kardashians as fierce warriors in an otherwise confusing time. They will be thought of as revolutionists of the selfie, pioneers of the full frontal nude photo, and leaders in drawing out a reality TV show for many, many, many years.

I am truly behind their behinds, and truly believe there are a number of lessons we can all learn from these brilliant masterminds.

1. They are as (if not more) clever as the likes of Zuckerberg

Many trace the Kardashian’s fame back to a sex tape that Kim and ex-boyfriend Ray J filmed, and use this to discredit their fame:

What isn’t being said though, is the brilliant decision to take a run of the mill sex tape and use it to launch a thousand Kardashian careers. Or 8. Same same.

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And it’s not just the sex tape. Collectively they have made money off socks, science fiction books, phone apps, nudity, marriages, divorces, hair, clothes, more nudity, and every single one of their body parts.

If that’s not entrepreneurial ingeniousness, I don’t know what is.

2. They are in control of their commodification

The digital world is a scary one. Even if you’ve never posed for nude photos, there seems to be a good chance they’ll still somehow end up online.


The Kardashians know this. They embrace this. And they use it to their advantage. They consensually commodify themselves and control their image.

This is what brilliance looks like.

3. They promote racial diversity

The Kardashians have an Armenian background. Two of them are in bi-racial relationships. Together, the Kardashians have demonstrated racial diversity both on our televisions, and in print. What have you done for racial diversity lately? Exactly.

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4. They represent complex family dynamics

No family is perfect. The Kardashians depict the ups and downs that happen in every family, while ultimately providing a positive example of how to support one another in times of need.

5. They have a many layered sense of humour

Like that time Kim did the selfie video for the Superbowl commercial. Or the time Kendall was accused of cheating with Kourtney’s partner, and Khloe responded with this marvellous tweet:

Or that time they encouraged Kourtney’s partner Scott Disick to prank call their mum:

They can poke fun at themselves and others. They are role models for all of us.

6. They are all of us

Like Freud famously once said, “the Kardashians reflect back our own worst traits. That’s why we don’t like them.”

If you don’t like the famous K’s, it may just be time to take a look at ourselves. We are the ones who helped get them to where they are. We are the ones who have supported them in their ups and downs, and made sure they continue to dominate our Facebook feeds to this day.

Why have we done this? Because they are an entertaining reflection of our society. They show the narcissism that we are all guilty of each day, the relationship dynamics we are all faced with, and the full frontal nudity we all wish we could do.

So everyone, back off the Kardashians. They’re just a better version of us.