The Kardashian sisters are being sued for $180 million.

Another day, another hate-fuelled Kardashian story. This time it’s a major investment company dolling out the haterade in the form of a multi-million dollar lawsuit. Oops.

The Kardashian sisters launched their beauty and makeup line a few years ago (and have been presumably raking in the cash for it ever since). But Hillair Capital Management – a major investor in the brand – say that Khloe, Kim and Kourtney have breached their contract with Hillair and committed fraud.

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The lawsuit also takes aim at the sisters independent corporations – and wait until you hear what they’re called. We’re pretty sure the companies names could have been made up when the girls were just 12, but Kimsaprincess Inc., 2Die4Kourt, and Khomoney Inc., are up for major damages as well as the women themselves.

Just take a moment to process those names.


Ok, good.

Hillair alleges that they made a deal with the Kardashian sisters to promote Kardashian Beauty on several social media platforms, which Hillair claims they failed to do. Instead, according to the lawsuit, the sisters started looking for new investors to buy out Hillair’s stake. Khloe also publicly shamed the brand, saying that “she hated everything about the Kardashian Beauty products and appearance.”

But, the Kardashian sisters won’t be taking this kind of bad-mouthery lying down. Their collective lawyer Michael Kump issued a statement saying: “The Kardashians have suffered enormous damages as a result of the many failures and breaches created by the operator’s mismanagement of the company. The lawsuit is a disgrace. It is a jumble of false accusations which will be exposed as lies.”

Who knows whether Kim uses her own brand to get this glow? Image: Instagram.

Funny enough, people on Instagram love the products. They just wonder why the Kardashians don't market it as much as their clothing line.

"They literally never endorse this. Ever. Like not once in the past year. It's shady and makes me question the line. Which is weird because I have one of the palettes and the highlighter is amazing. I don't know why they don't use it themselves," one commenter said.

The sisters dressing up for Kim's birthday. Image: Instagram.

Another fan subsequently commented, "I know! I see it at ulta too! Very very minimally stocked. People are always looking at it too. I feel like makeup was their time to really shine and make an incredible product and just wow people with it and make it big but they missed the mark and are seemingly embarrassed of the line and that's why they never mention it. It's not even a bad line. I genuinely like the palette I have. I think I had a lip liner set too that I used up completely. They need to put more into this!"