There are two women who look exactly like the Kardashian sisters and WHAT THE HELL?

Welcome to the parallel universe where Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jenner are beauty bloggers from Dubai.

The internet has recently discovered two sisters – Sonia and Fyza Ali – who are absolute dead ringers for the Kardashian sisters.

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They live in Dubai, they’re beauty bloggers, they have a huge online following – and they’ve never watched an episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians.

In fact, Sonia and Fyza recently told Emirates Woman they find it “weird” that people think they resemble the famous LA-based sisters, as they “don’t dress anything like them”.


“Our close friends and family are so used to seeing us they have never seen a resemblance,” they said.

“It’s only when we are out together people constantly point it out – people that don’t know us at all! – especially in the States.”

Science says we only watch the Kardashians when we are happy. Post continues…

However, even the biggest KUWTK fans are finding it difficult to distinguish between the sisters, with many pointing out the uncanny resemblance on their Instagram posts.

“If this ain’t Kim and Kylie, IDK what is,” one person commented.

“I thought you two where Kim and Kylie. You should apply to be their official celeb look-a-likes,” added another.

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What do you think? Are Kim and Kylie secretly living a double life in Dubai? 

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