Everything that went terribly wrong at Kanye West's Yeezy Season 4 New York Fashion Week show.

Kanye West is one of pop culture’s most polarising figures. You either love his whole deal or you hate it. It seems like there’s always some sort of controversy surrounding him and Wednesday’s Yeezy Season 4 presentation at New York Fashion Week was no different.

In February, West debuted his Yeezy Season 3 collaboration with Adidas during a part-performance art, part-concert fashion show at Madison Square Garden.

On Wednesday, West unveiled the line’s spring collection and let’s just say everything did not go according to plan.

The day started with fashion editors, buyers and other non-celebrity guests lining up to boarding buses that they were told would take them to the show at an undisclosed location.

Two hours later the buses arrived at the location of a former small pox hospital on Roosevelt Island in New York.

But there was still more waiting to be done. Stella Bugbee, the editorial director at NYMag‘s The Cut live tweeted the entire event. She tweeted that two hours into what she calls the “#YeezySeason4 saga” she and the other editors and guests were “watching hair and makeup people arrive”.

On hour three of waiting for the show to start Bugbee started to wonder if the show was “actually an endurance test devised by Adidas to simulate survival of the fittest?”

But it’s not like there wasn’t anything to do while waiting, guests could browse the available selection of $75 merchandise.

Eventually guests were brought to their seats to wait and watch stoic models stand motionless on the grass.

Again, they waited. Some editors started to leave. Some watched and waited some more.

Finally, the Kardashian/Jenner clan arrived signalling the show had to be starting soon.

But not before the models started to succumb from the heat and dehydration.

Bugbee says she saw a model pass out in the heat. She tweeted that the model was given water by a man in the audience but no one on the Yeezy staff helped at all.

Things did not get any better for West once the show actually began.

It looks like Yeezy’s boots are not made for walking.

Another model actually needed help from an audience member to make it down the runway.

Even model Amina Blue, who has been a favourite model of West had to take her shoes off at the end of the runway.

The show closed with West’s latest collaborator and banging mom-bod rocking Teyana Taylor and model Chanel Iman walking the runway but not even that erased the damage that was already done.

As Bugbee put it, “All the fun of last season drained out completely by watching this.”

I’m a let you finish Kanye, but Yeezy Season 3 was one of the best Yeezy Seasons of all time.