Get your popcorn, the most excellent Twitter feud ever just happened.

Just when you thought Kanye West couldn’t get any Kanye West-ier, he goes and completely outdoes himself by coming out with the kind of insults any seven-year-old boy would be proud of.

Last night Yeezus, 38, took umbrage at fellow rapper Wiz Khalifa’s tweet about his new album, and a perceived reference to his wife Kim Kardashian.

Highlights include: West claiming to own Khalifa’s child; West claiming to have “made it so we can wear tight jeans”; West promoting his wife’s Kimojis; West saying he’s “the best” at music, ever; West making a new hashtag: #Wizwearscoolpants; West telling us all who he is: “I’m Ye, I’m Ye, I’m Ye, I’m Ye, I’m Ye”; and West telling Khalifa that no one’s ever listened to one of his albums all the way through.


Me, reading these tweets. Image via Instagram.

West’s been putting it about via an army of lesser Kardashians using the hashtag #Swish that his new album, the one from which he refuses to be distracted (one gets the feeling he’s not up doing midnight feeds with Kim Kardashian), is to be named Swish.

Then last night he had a sudden change of heart and told the world that in fact, the album will be dubbed Waves.

Khalifa, 28, wasn’t down with that, and accused West of ripping off Harlem rapper Max B, who popularised the word “wavy” in his music.

Kanye lost it; Wiz was all, “Pfft, pipe down, Yeezy”, and then their mutual ex, Amber Rose, got in on the action. She pretty much won the whole day.

It’s probably best to just let them all speak for themselves.


Amber Rose wasn’t about to let her ex call her a stripper and accuse her of “trapping” Khalifa, though. She has a smartphone and very able fingers, too, apparently.

Drop the mic. West’s since deleted the tweets, but did he really imagine they wouldn’t be screen-grabbed and turned into T-shirt slogans? I’m wearing mine right now.

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