This makes so much sense: Kanye West's tweets have been decoded.

Some genius has figured out what Kanye West, 36, has actually been trying to tell us all this time.

If you thought West’s Twitter feed was just the inarticulate rantings of an overindulged madman — well, you were probably right.

However, it turns out that in addition to informing us about his video game based on his dead mother getting into heaven and begging for $1 billion from Mark Zuckerberg, he’s been communicating a more cryptic message that we should really heed for our own safety.

Kanye is actually He Who Shall Not Be Named. You-Know-Who. The Dark Lord.  Voldemort.

It’s not completely out of the question that ol’ Yeezy has been trolling us for funsies, right?

A source told People, “He certainly knows how to get people interested. He’s like a master troll.”

I would really rather Kanye was undertaking an hilarious, Joaquin Phoenix-like performance art stunt than publicly undergoing a psychotic break in full view of the world.

Now watch this amazing video of a 2006 Kanye thanking people while accepting an award he didn’t actually win…