Kanye West's latest social media rant has parents applauding him.

Kanye West took a stance for parents everywhere, on Twitter over the weekend.

The 38-year-old took to social media to voice his (strong) opinion about in-app purchases on kids games. The father-of-one posted three raging Tweets expressing his disgust..

It's not like reading books with your kids. Image via @kimkardashian Instagram.

He used some colourful language at first:

His next tweet got a lot of reactions from parents saying, 'welcome to parenthood'.

His final tweet asked online companies to give parents a break.

Many parents agreed with Kanye. Some laughed because they could relate to what he was going through. Other parents told him not to give his kid an iPad, and others said he should just pay for the games.

Apparently Kanye's problem can be sorted out quickly and easily though.

You can turn 'In-App' purchases off on your device, and then the only way to access them is by using a password. However, Kanye's point is not about that. It's about the principal.

He's a father and has to deal with parenting problems too. Image via @kimkardashian Instagram.

Kanye is telling online app companies to let kids be kids. To give parents a break. To let the kids play games on their device without parents' having to worry they're going to rack up thousands of dollars from in-app purchases.

The recent tweets from Kanye West prove that even the biggest of celebrities have to deal with the same parenting problems as the rest of us.

What do you think about in-app purchases on kids games?

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