Kanye West just Tweeted a LOT of naked pictures of his wife.

Seriously, what was he thinking?

Did Kanye West’s Twitter just get hacked? Has he had a few too many red wines? Did all his draft tweets accidentally post without him realising?

We don’t know. But there needs to be a plausible explanation as to why he just tweeted a bunch of naked photos of his wife. Other than the obvious, which is… because it’s Kanye West.

It started simply enough – that’s a lie, the whole thing is so bizarre – with the 37-year-old rapper tweeting a blurred-out topless photo of Kim Kardashian and captioning it “I’M SO LUCKY.”

He followed it up moments later with the same photo from a different angle, this time congratulating Kardashian on 30 million Twitter followers.

And then on the Keeping Up With The Kardashians Season 10 premiere.

And then West debuted a new word to describe his wife… Swish.

According to Urban Dictionary, ‘swish’ means hip or cool. As in, “Hey, don’t you think Kim Kardashian is just so hip/cool? She’s just so swish, don’t you think?”

Yeezy, stop trying to make ‘swish’ happen. It’s not going to happen.

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The tweets continued until West ran out of angles of Kardashian’s naked body. And now he’s returned to normal transmission, tweeting about being back in the studio.

But we will never forget the Great Kanye West Twitter Meltdown of 2015. We will never forget.


Here are all the tweets in their glory…