Kanye puts a challenge out to the internet. Backfires spectacularly.

Kanye just out-Kanyed himself.

You see, a few weeks ago Kanye returned to Twitter.

Since then he’s been doin’ a weird and freakin’ people out with his Twitter activity.

First he live-tweeted a book about philosophy.

Kanye says that he and Trump are Dragon Energy and dear god what is going on. Post continues. 

Then he publicly endorsed Donald Trump, saying they had a “dragon energy” between them.

Then he hinted that he was going to use his late mother’s plastic surgeon’s mug shot as the cover art on his next album. Yep, this is a thing that happened.

And now, well, he’s issued a lil’ challenge to his followers.

On Monday Kanye asked his fans to tell someone they had had a disagreement with that they love them. Except he wrote “tell them I love you”.

It spectacularly backfired.




Oh, Kanye.