Kanye West ends his concert after only performing THREE songs and fans are furious.

Just days after declaring he didn’t vote in the recent US election, but would have backed Trump if he had, presidential hopeful/rapper Kanye West has managed to further enrage his fans.

After showing up 90 minutes late for his own concert, West played three songs – well, two songs but he played one of them twice – before starting a bizarre rant in which he furiously rambled about everything from Beyoncé to Google to Hillary Clinton.

The tirade, unleashed during a concert in Sacramento for his a Saint Pablo tour on Saturday night, appeared to have been triggered by his recent loss at the MTV Music Awards.

“Get ready to have a field day, press… because the show’s over,” West told the crowd.

He then went on to suggest the awards were “rigged” – to borrow a descriptor from his new political idol president-elect Donald Trump.

“Beyonce, I was hurt,” he said.

“I heard that you said you wouldn’t perform unless you won Video of the Year over me and [Drake’s] Hotline Bling.

Fans who had paid hundreds of dollars for tickets reportedly left chanting and swearing at the rapper and Twitter lit up.

Not everyone was mad though.

You can watch the full thing here, just a warning though… it’s long.

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