There’s a perfect Finnish word for how you’ve spent your weekend.

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Guys we finally have a word that accurately describes our weekends. FINALLY.

Kalsarikannit is a Finnish term that roughly translates to “drinking home alone in your underwear, with no intention of going out.”

Yep, you heard right, there’s now a trendy Scandinavian explanation for why you’re on the tenth episode of the latest Netflix hit and your second bottle of wine.

We're not just being too lazy to make plans. This is our plan. We're kalsarikannit-ing. Image via Universal.

First they gave us Ikea, then they gave us hygge, and now those beautiful Nordic people have blessed us with a bloody good excuse for why we're not going to your party. Or your hen's night. Or your baby's christening. Or your second cousin's neighbour's housewarming.

We're not just being too lazy to make plans. This is our plan. We're kalsarikannit-ing.

So in the spirit of kalsarikannit-ing or taking a kalsarikannit (Is it noun or a verb? Who even cares?) we've put together your ultimate step-by-step guide to make sure you have the most kalsarikannty weekend ever.

Step 1: When you leave work on Friday night, do not go to the after work drinks that Steve from accounting has organised. I repeat, do NOT go to those after work drinks. Instead head straight home and lock the door behind you.


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Step 2: When you get home, make yourself comfortable. Remove your shoes, remove your bra, remove your to toupe, whatever you need to do to be your authentic self.

Step 3: Do whatever the hell you want all weekend. Drink all the wine. Watch all the Netflix. Eat all the Doritos.

Step 4: When someone sends you a message asking you to come to their god child's dance recital, simply reply 'Sorry mate, I'm kalsarikannit-ing this weekend.

See ya later, pants.

Do you kalsarikannit? Tell us your best lazy weekend tips in the comments. 


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