A tiny version of Justin Trudeau has stolen the show at the G20 Summit.

Justin Trudeau’s son has distracted everyone at the G20 Summit by being ridiculously cute, and what global financial agenda?

Hadrien, 3, made a big entrance at the Summit, clambering down the steps of the plane and swinging in his parents’ arms like this whole big shindig had been put on just for him.

Justin Trudeau's son
"Welcome to MY summit..." Image via Getty.
Justin Trudeau's son
"I have flowers." Image via Getty.

His mother, Sophie Gregoire, then took him on a harbour boat tour, which made him pout - because boats are big and scary, we guess.

Justin Trudeau's son
"I doesn't like boats". Image via Getty.

People on Twitter were quick to point out how much little Hadrien looks like his dad (because genetics) and some have even suggested he's a little political powerhouse in the making.


Justin Trudeau’s Butt Is Not A Plaything. Post continues... 

I guess we'll have to wait at least another 15 years to find out whether Hadrian will follow in his dad's footsteps. In the meantime...

Justin Trudeau's son
"Excuse me, but this summit is about me." Image via Getty.


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