Justin Trudeau tried to high five Prince George. And he was having none of it.

There are not many people who would leave the Canadian Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, hanging.

But after a lengthy plane trip, three-year-old Prince George was simply not in the mood for pleasantries.

The Royal Family stepped off their plane at Victoria’s Airport on Saturday, to begin their tour of Canada.

Waiting for them on the tarmac were several dignitaries, including Prime Minister Trudeau.

Trudeau shook hands with Kate Middleton, 34, and Prince William, 34, before kneeling down in front of three-year-old Prince George, who was clutching his father’s hand.

But George…well…he just wasn’t sure about this new person.

First, Prime Minister Trudeau tried to give the little man a high five. A fairly safe move…or so he thought.

Prince George was sceptical. “I’ve just been on a plane for hours and I am very tired. I do not have the energy for your high fives,” he could be heard muttering.

Trudeau, always pragmatic, thought: “You know what will work!? A LOW five”, so turned his hand horizontally.

But…no such luck.

Suddenly, the politician was faced with potentially the greatest foreign affairs crisis of his Prime Ministership. He had once last chance to impress the young Prince.

“A handshake,” he thought. “Yes…that will work.”


George stared curiously at this new person, but ultimately decided it was best not to engage.

The Mirror wrote: “Superstar politician Mr. Trudeau might have endeared himself to millions online through his outspoken feminism, support for diversity and willingness to embrace Internet memes, but it seems to take more than that to impress Will and Kate’s eldest.”

It just goes to show that it is all very well and good to be one of the most popular world leaders of our time, but if a three-year-old isn’t in the mood to shake your hand, he simply will not be shaking your hand.

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