Celebrities have their faces photoshopped on Justin Bieber's body. Gold.

Justin Bieber’s Calvin Klein shoot just got photoshopped. Again.

Did you hear? Someone thought it would be a good idea to give Justin Bieber more attention by awarding him – a singer – with a worldwide modelling campaign for Calvin Klein.

Justin Bieber’s latest underwear photo shoot for Calvin Klein – the retouched version.

Of course, 20-year-old Justin couldn’t resist the offer of posing for an underwear shoot, especially as it meant he could show off all the hard hours he puts in at the gym when he’s not getting arrested or calling his fans fat.

We all know advertisements are retouched, so it was hardly a surprise when Justin Bieber’s “real” photos for Calvin Klein were revealed.

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But that wasn’t the only case of retouching these photos went through. The team at DesignCrown had the bright idea of putting other famous people’s heads on Justin’s retouched body.

Legolas for Calvin Klein?

They unleashed their community of over 400,000 designers on the photos to, err, excersise their creative muscles and work with Justin’s digital muscles.

Think Orlando Bloom as Legolas with Justin’s tattoos, or Albert Einstein’s face on the 20-year-old’s body.

Click through the gallery below for the hilarious end job.

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