Celeb news: Is this finally the end of Justin Bieber's career?

Justin Bieber’s career has survived a lot: criminal charges, assault, peeing in buckets, drunken nights out, jumping on cars, abusing paparazzi, and speeding in a yellow Lamborghini high on his mama’s medication.

But now that The Biebs is a proven racist, does he still get to be famous?

Just this week, two videos have emerged where Justin is saying and/or singing something horribly racist. The first, filmed when he was 15, shows J-Bieb telling a racist joke. He’s filming his own documentary, and even though his friends warn him not to tell the offensive joke, he does.

The second video, when he was 14, is worse. He’s looking at the camera with his little cherub face, singing a racist version of his song Lonely Girl. He replaces the lyrics ‘”one less lonely girl” with the words “One less lonely n*****. If I kill you, I’ll be part of the KKK. Then there’ll be one less lonely n*****.”

See it for yourself here. He can barely contain his giggles:

It’s especially appalling given that Bieber actually owes his entire success to Usher. At every stage of his ridiculous career, Biebs has had the unwavering support of Usher and several other black American rappers and producers. Even at 14 or 15, he was already world-famous and already ‘in’ with those guys.

Given that Bieber also owes his fame to impressionable teenage girls and the innocence of his baby-face, this bigoted behaviour is all the more serious.

Biebs released a statement via Twitter apologising:

One “childish inexcusable mistake” makes Justin Bieber a stupid, offensive teenager. But two? Given how tightly controlled his image has always been, how commercially important it is for him to be popular with teenage girls, and how close he is with Usher?


If the pop industry / internet is working on a Three Strikes And You’re Out policy here, Justin’s got one more racist incident before he’s gone.

Anyone want to wager how long before that happens?

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