"In 2015 I became a Belieber."


This last year something changed. Biebz. Got. Good.

Imagine this: It’s 2015, you are driving along blasting the radio, rocking out to a new tune (and probably awkward car dancing). After the song finishes the radio host announces that the last song was the latest release from Justin Bieber. I would argue that over 90 percent of you immediately started hating yourself for actually enjoying the song. So, why the Bieber shame?

I’ll admit I was never much of a belieber. Sure, in the beginning my interest was piqued. He was one of those miracle stories – plucked from total obscurity by a celebrity to go on and become a household name. A mini Ken doll with the voice of an angel and backed by Usher – what was not to like? However as his fame grew (assemble teeny boppers everywhere) and his songs … well, one was called “Eenie Meenie” #needisaymore; my care factor regarding Biebz’ music dropped significantly.

Watch Justin Beiber’s video for ‘Baby’. Post continues below. 

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To be fair to Biebz maybe it was the age difference. I had four years longer on this earth than he did. While he was singing about babies (so appropriate because he practically was one) I was going to house parties and getting drunk on two vodka cruisers #killingit. The guy was just not old enough to relate to me and my pre-adult issues (like how was Ryan ever going to deal with Marissa’s death #cannotdeal #oc4eva).


Over the years I’d hear announcements of Biebz dropping hit single after hit single (none of which I can actually remember) but what interested me more was how much of an #epicfail he was becoming. Initially it would be rumours of minor mishaps like the time he didn’t know what “German” was, adding “We don’t say that in America” #blessyoubiebz #fyiyouarecanadian #iknowitsconfusing. However, over time Biebz’ downfalls appeared to occur every other week, and they weren’t mere rumours anymore, they were breaking headlines.


And let’s not forget the poor Capuchin monkey …

It was fair to say that as much as I was across Biebz’ extra-curricular activities I was definitely not paying attention to his music career. Even though Biebz had smashed music records and garnered himself an army of beliebers he was still just another little wiseacre with a perfectly formed hairflip and shit for lyrics songs. But this last year something changed. Biebz. Got. Good.

Whether it was a perfectly strategised piece of re-branding or of his own volition we will never know, but either way Biebz’ road back to being cool has been one smooth ride. The first time I began to notice his transformation was earlier this year when I sat down to watch “The Roast of Justin Bieber” on Comedy Central. As comedian, celebrity and TV personality alike took to the stage to berate, degrade and down-right humiliate Biebz, he sat there, took the lot and even had a few witty comebacks. Biebz had become an adult.


It wasn’t just a one off either – Biebz continued to surprise me throughout the year. From car karaoke with James Corden to crying actual tears after his VMA performance (he just has a lot of feelings, okay?) Biebz had started to win me over.

Watch Justin Beiber’s video for ‘What Do You Mean’. Post continues below. 

But in spite of all the cool Biebz has mustered I recently found myself in the following situation:

Me: I am quite literally obsessed with Justin Bieber’s new song “I’ll show you”. I’ve had it on repeat all day *tango lady emoji*

Boyfriend: That really disappoints me.

Me: Sorry not sorry. It makes me want to interpretative dance *excessive amount of tango lady emoji*

And I am not the only one dealing with Bieber judgment/guilt. Over the last month I have seen post after post from friends and randoms alike, ashamed for his latest music taking over their playlists.

So why are we all apologising for our new found love for Biebz and his tunes?

We could reminisce about all the emotional turmoil Biebz has put us through. The time he cut his beloved bangs and fans everywhere lost their minds and trended #riphairflip. The time he egged his neighbours house and caused $80,000 worth of damages #settingashiteggzample. The time he pissed into a mop bucket screaming “Fuck Bill Clinton” #why. The time he got snapped naked in Bora Bora … nah let’s be honest we all enjoyed that one. But the fact of the matter is that the past is in the past. Biebz is growing up and moving on and his music is following suit. Not only is his recent music undeniably amazing, but with every new release it only gets better. One could argue that Biebz has found his “purpose” #punsfordays #yourewelcome.


We’re getting to a point now where it is no longer an act of social suicide to admit to being a belieber. Biebz – once the most hated figure in pop culture (no really, five of his songs are in the top ten most disliked YouTube clips of all time) – has started to become cool again. We need to stop apologising and start embracing our unashamed love for all that is Biebz. Making your peace with Biebz and his music will be one of your best decisions yet #maybenotbest #buttoptendefinitely.

Biebz, I salute you. I salute your effort to redeem yourself. I salute your amazing new work. I salute you for making a belieber out of me. Here’s to the next chapter old chap!

Keep up the great work Biebz – I beliebe in you.

x Gorg


This post originally appeared on Friday’s Promise and has been republished here with full permission.

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