Justin Beiber and Orlando Bloom had a punch up. Guess who won?

What do you do when you’ve just gotten into a fight with Orlando Bloom and made world-wide headlines?

Instagram a photo of Orlando crying, of course!

Well that’s what 21-year-old Justin Bieber did. Because maturity.

Now, we’re a little bit confused about this story that everyone’s talking about.

But here’s what we can tell so far.

Yesterday, serious video proof emerged of a fight between Justin Bieber and Orlando Bloom in Ibiza:

According to TMZ, Justin Bieber made some pretty shitty comments about Bloom’s ex wife Miranda Kerr, which resulted in Orlando taking a swing at Bieber, to which Bieber replied: ‘Say hi to Miranda for me!’.

This then lead Bieber singer to post an Instagram shot of Miranda in a bikini.

Which he quickly deleted.

But the story goes further.

(Seriously – are you keeping up?)

But that’s not even the half of it. Oh no.

Apparently there is a love square. (Not triangle. Square. Or maybe hexagon? We never were good at maths and shapes…) and it involves Bieber, Bloom and a few other characters.

1. Justin Bieber and Miranda Kerr

On the 7th November, 2012, Justin Bieber and Miranda Kerr were photographed together backstage at the Victoria’s Secret Angel catwalk show. 

Which obviously meant one thing – they were shagging. Because a photo is all it takes to make that happen. Miranda was still married to Orlando at the time, and following their divorce denied sleeping with Justin.

2. Miranda Kerr and Orlando Bloom

In October of 2013 Miranda and Orlando announced they were getting a divorce after three years of marriage and one child.

4. Orlando Bloom and Selena Gomez

On the 26th April, 2014, paparazzi photos emerged of Orlando Bloom and Selena Gomez, Bieber’s ex girlfriend, sitting by the side of the street, smoking together.



5. James Packer and Miranda Kerr

Following Miranda’s divorce from Orlando and James Packer’s divorce from Erica Baxter, this emerged:

Neither denied or confirmed.

And then this happened:

Miranda was to blame.

And now?

7. Erica Baxter and Orlando Bloom.

Yesterday, before the Bloom and Bieber fight (Blieber?) Orlando and the ex-Mrs Packer were spotted strolling on a beach in Ibiza.

What does this even mean?

We’re not sure if Miranda and Orlando have some sort of revenge dating going on, or if superstars just have a thing for Aussie models from Gunnedah. Either way, this is the Instagram picture Miranda posted this morning.

Yep, we’re not really sure what that means….

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