Justin Bieber's manager has blasted Sunrise over the star's 2010 performance.

‘Where were you during the great Justin Bieber Sunrise riot of 2010?’

It’s a question I’ve asked almost every single person I’ve met since Justin Bieber’s fateful first visit to Australian shores six years ago.

(OK, I lied. It’s totally not. But let’s roll with it, shall we?)


Now, the singer’s longtime manager, Scooter Braun, has hit out against the Aussie breakfast show who hosted his appearance, saying they denied his request for extra security.

The then 16-year-old Bieber was meant to perform outside Sydney’s Overseas Passenger Terminal, but had to be rushed back into the Sunrise studio when more than 5000 fans turned up for the free concert.

Bieber's presence back in 2010 caused a riot in the streets of Sydney. Image via Instagram.

When Bieber performed behind the glass in the studio, the riot squad had to be called in to keep his teenage fans at bay.

"We told the Australians at this Sunrise TV show that we were going to need more security," Scooter revealed in an in an upcoming documentary called Bodyguards: Secret Lives from the Watchtower.

"They didn’t believe us, and then the kids rioted the streets."

For laughs...fill in what he whispered in my ear after the show here ____

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The former executive producer of the morning breakfast show, Adam Boland, revealed Braun was "probably right" to be upset about the incident.

"I’m not sure any level of security could have prevented pre-teen girls from collapsing in the street merely at the thought of their idol sleeping at a hotel around the corner," he told

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"We had done big concerts almost every week for years and had never seen anything like it. It was a freak event that even scared the riot squad.

"Bieber was still on the rise at the time so we underestimated his fan base. It was a mistake we only made once."

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