Young woman went to Justin Bieber party in Melbourne, says her drink was spiked.

The singer allegedly tried to comfort her by suggesting she just had “Bieber fever”.

Bailey Scarlett is an 18-year-old Melbourne-based model who claimed her drink was spiked at a private party with Justin Bieber at the weekend.

Her story has made international headlines this week, drawing criticism from defensive Bieber fans.

But on Tuesday night, Scarlett appeared on national television to tell her story — and she insists that she is “99.99% sure” her drink was spiked.

Justin Bieber drink spiking
Scarlett says she’s “99.999” percent sure her drink was spiked. (Photo: Twitter)

The story first broke on Monday, when Scarlett claimed she had attended a private party with the Canadian pop star the previous night at a recording studio.

She attended the Sunday night event in the Melbourne suburb of Cremorne along with several other chosen “hot” girls, and they all started drinking with 21-year-old Bieber.

But according to a Facebook post, which has since been deleted, after just three drinks her vision became “ridiculously blurred” and she became “incoherent”.

The original post on Scarlett’s Facebook page.

Scarlett has now recounted a longer version of events in an emotional interview on Channel Nine’s A Current Affair.

During the interview, the young woman burst into tears and described the “scary” incident in further detail.

She explained that at first, she was pleasantly surprised that Bieber took the time to introduce himself to each of the girls in the room — but by her third drink, she said, she was feeling uncharacteristically unwell.

“Everything was still, spinning in my head and just felt so trapped,” she said.

Model Bailer Scarlett on A Current Affair. (Screenshot: Nine)

She said it was at that point Bieber became concerned and came over to check on her.

“He kept talking to me, saying ‘open your eyes’… They hurried me off to a bathroom and he said, ‘Oh nah she’s faking it’.”


The star then allegedly jokingly accused her of having the “Bieber fever” and said she was probably just suffering an anxiety attack or drunk.

“I’ve never been scared of being drunk… This was a very scary and foreign feeling,” Scarlett said in the A Current Affair interview, saying she had never taken illicit drugs before.

“I’ve had anxiety attacks before and I know how to calm myself down in that situation and I’ve never been on the floor convulsing before.

“I just remember collapsing on the floor… I basically just screamed ‘I need an ambulance’.”

Bieber has not yet commented about the alleged incident. (Photo: Instagram)

She said Bieber eventually called emergency services, but that she was asked to leave through the back door to avoid mobs of fans out in the front.

She ignored those instructions, and her boyfriend allegedly then found her “unconscious and convulsing” outside the party.

Scarlett broke down during the interview. (Screenshot: Nine)

Scarlett says both she and her boyfriend requested drug tests from the paramedics and at two hospitals, but  bizarrely, all refused to do a toxicology report that could confirm Scarlett’s drink was spiked.

The model emphasised during the interview, however, that she doesn’t believe Bieber himself carried out the alleged spiking.

“I don’t want to blame anyone, I don’t want to say it’s Justin Bieber, that’s not what I think at all,” she said during the interview.

Bieber’s entourage was also present at the party.

Scarlett with her boyfriend, Tekauri Hurst. (Photo: Facebook)

The reaction to Scarlett’s disturbing tale has been mixed, with some Bieber fans attacking Bailey on social media as a “liar”.

Others have criticised the young woman’s claim that she had been refused drug tests by two Melbourne hospitals and ambulance crew, while the owner of the studio where the alleged incident took place, Jimi Wyatt, insists that CCTV footage shows her drink in her hand the whole time.

But Scarlett — who has not yet filed an official police report — said in last night’s interview that she was not too worried about her doubters.

“I’m not too bothered if people don’t believe me. The people I know and care about believe me and people that don’t, don’t matter.”

She added that she was “99.99% sure” her suspicions about drink-spiking are correct.

“I strongly believe that I have two feet to stand on and I can honestly say I’m 99.99% sure that there was something in my drink,” she said.

“I wouldn’t put so much on the line and my name thrown across the mud… I am saying what I remember because I remember it.”

Scarlett said: “I’m not too bothered if people don’t believe me. The people I know and care about believe me and people that don’t, don’t matter.” (Photo: Facebook)

Victoria Police have confirmed that Scarlett did not file an official report over the incident, but said that they had attended to a woman at a party in the suburb on the same evening.

Scarlett has claimed on Facebook that she will be getting a ‘private drug test’.

See more about this interview on the A Current Affair website.

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