Justin Bieber's dad tweets about son's penis. Is not winning any Father of the Year prizes.

Your son has his privacy invaded. So, Dad, what do you do?

Everyone is still talking about Justin Bieber‘s errrr ‘member’… including, it seems, his own father.

And J-Biebz’s dad’s reaction to his son’s leaked nude photos was not a message of support or a reminder that Justin had not consented to the pics. Heck, it wasn’t even an admonishment that walking around without pants near the pool is dangerous because you might slip and fall.

No, Jeremy Bieber, the 40-year-old father of Justin Bieber, has taken to Twitter overnight to express his pride.

Well, more accurately, how he is proud of his son’s penis*.

Yes, Papa Bieber gave us a creepy, cringe-y tweet with a smiley emoji to boot.

Jeremy Bieber father tweeted:

“What do you feed that thing”? Ugh. “Proud daddy.” Nope.

Less surprisingly, the Twittersphere capitulated with reactions to the odd exchange between father and son.

Feeling awkward? Us too.

Despite Jeremy Bieber’s pride, according to US Weekly, a cease and desist letter was issued by Bieber’s legal team to the several media outlets who published his naked photographs this week, threatening to sue if the photos were not removed from their websites.

Were you surprised by Jeremy Bieber’s tweet?