Justin Bieber compares himself to Princess Diana.

Justin Bieber has a complicated relationship with automobiles.

When he drag-races a canary yellow Lambourghini through neighbourhood streets drunk and high on his mother’s pain medication, that’s absolutely fine. Illegal and dangerous, etc etc, but fine by Justin’s personal code of ethics.


When a paparazzo makes a gentle ding in his red Ferrari? That is fundamentally offensive to everything this young man stands for in this world.

The Canadian teenager — who released a few pop songs, did some mediocre graffiti in Queensland, took some drugs, and now dedicates all his time to growing his first beard and disappointing his parents — is not happy. He was out driving his fancy red car in LA when he noticed a photographer trailing him. He reportedly slammed on the brakes, making the pap’s car crash bump delicately touch the back of his car.

After the accident incident gentle encounter, Justin tweeted:

There are laws against what you just experienced, Biebs.

They’re called road rules.

And you frequently, flagrantly break ’em.

That is all.

Here are some other famous delinquents. Though, significantly, none of them compared themselves to the much-loved Princess of Wales who tragically died in 1997, when Justin Bieber was 3.