Justin Bieber's carpool karaoke might make you hate him a little less.

This will make you hate Justin Bieber a little less.

The new God of late night talk shows, James Corden, does this thing with celebrities called carpool karaoke, where the famous person sits in Corden’s car and sings along to their own songs.

He’s had Mariah. He’s had Jennifer Hudson. And now, he’s had known ratbag/currently reformed douche Justin Bieber.

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Let’s preface this by saying I was once a Bieber fan. I had posters. I made up raps. I spammed him with tweets. But I gave up on my love pretty soon after that time he peed in a bucket and spat on his fans.

But this video has made me question all of my hate-feelings. And I’m so, so conflicted.

Corden is hilarious and could make even the dullest pop star seem like a great person, so maybe it’s mostly that. But Bieber spends the video laughing at himself, admitting his lyrics are stupid and belting out renditions of his old hits.

If you’re not a Bieber fan, watch it for Corden. And then be weirdly surprised when you realise you maybe/sorta/kinda don’t hate Justin Bieber as much any more.

Watch the video below. You’re welcome.

Did this video change your mind about Justin Bieber? 

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