Justin Bieber's Calvin Klein shoot was not quite the whole package.

Here at Mamamia, we’re used to talking about photoshop fails. Usually people are caught out removing bulges from their pics. But not Justin Bieber – he’s just been busted adding one very big bulge.

In his recent photoshoot for Calvin Klein, The Bieb posed with Lara Stone (who has received hate mail and even death threats from Bieber fans who are unhappy about the pair’s apparent ‘closeness’ during the shoot).

 Justin Bieber did something really offensive. On camera.

And, sure, it’s a little bit surprising because it turns out that Justin Bieber no longer looks like this:


Original, unedited versions of the singer’s new CK campaign have been published on Breatheheavy.com and it’s clear that Bieber has been digitally…er…enhanced. He’s even had a pixel pube transplant.

Were Margot Robbie’s legs digitally enhanced?

That and someone got a little happy with the resize tool on little J’s manhood region.

Take a look for yourself….

Yes. Some poor bastard got landed with the job of photoshopping pubic hair onto Bieber’s nether regions.

And, wait for it….


Careful, that bogus boner will have your eye out.

Once you’ve stopped staring at that, you’ll notice that his head is smaller, his hands are bigger (perhaps in proportion to his new pixel peen) and his muscles have had a Popeye-style boost.

Perhaps the best way to demonstrate, is with this mesmerising gif:

And before you say that it wasn’t Bieber’s fault that some pixel pusher got a bit over-enthused, Bieber himself posted this pic to his Twitter account:

That’s fair enough, I guess. Bieber thought he might get hungry later so he popped a sandwich down his shorts for safe-keeping.

TMZ must be credited with the best reflection on this whole affair: “It’s ironic … CK is trying to make Biebs look more like a man, after being slammed for years for using hairless, nubile young models.”

When TMZ is pointing out the hypocrisy and sexism in the fashion industry, you know the whole world has gone crazy.

In all the confusion and uncertainty there are only two things that remain true:

1. We’d much rather look at the Bondi Hipsters’ version of Justin’s CK shoot.

2. Justin’s best bet is to casually dance outta there hope that no one notices. Stay cool, JB.