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Just asking: Who would you turn for?

I've been meaning to do this post for some time but I've been struggling a little bit with my own inspiration. My own answer to the question "who would you turn for?" used to be simple: Angelina Jolie and Helena Christensen. But lately? Things have cooled a little between Angelina and I and Helena….well, I need a change. It's been years.

Hello Beyonce. I went to her concert on the weekend and if she isn't the hottest thing ever. EVER. Not only is her face just exquisite but I don't remember ever seeing a woman so utterly comfortable AND SEXY in her own skin. And that somehow increases the hot factor to the power of holy hell.

So. That's me. How about you? Who would you turn for?

Just to clarify, this isn't about women you find pretty. Or inspiring. Or whose wardrobe you'd really like to pillage. We can play that game another day but not today. Today's question is about who you find SEXY. What person of the same gender (or the opposite gender if you're gay) makes you think: "Hmmmm, I could actually maybe even go there"…..

Ladies? Start your engines….

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