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A diverse cast and an ex-winner's son: Everything we know about Junior MasterChef 2020.

Junior MasterChef is returning to our screens after nine years on Sunday, October 10, and we are beyond excited.

Following the great success of the new and improved MasterChef earlier this year, Network Ten made the announcement that 14 talented Australian kids will be entering the kitchen.

They'll be battling it out for a $25,000 cash prize in front of everyone's favourite judges; Jock Zonfrillo, Melissa Leong and Andy Allen, who are joining the junior show for the first time.

Watch the trailer for Junior Masterchef below. Post continues after video.

Video via Mamamia.

Here's everything we know about the show so far.

The start date.

Junior MasterChef premieres on Sunday, October 11 at 7.30pm on Channel 10, and will air weekly on Sundays, Mondays and Tuesdays.

The Junior MasterChef contestants.

Image: Network 10.



Ben is a 10-year-old from Victoria.

He loves learning all about new cuisines, and his favourite cuisine to eat is Asian because of all of the different dishes and flavour combinations.


Carter is a 12-year-old from NSW.

He credits his love for cooking to learning about food with his parents and grandparents as well as watching lots of cooking shows - us too Carter.



Dev is a 13-year-old from Victoria.

He is Australian-born with Indian parents, and has loved learning to cook curries, as well as Italian cuisine and Heston Blumenthal inspired technical desserts.


Ekta is a 13-year-old from Victoria.

She began cooking at age four, and has been practicing her cook-offs against her sister ever since.

After living in Thailand for a year, she has a particular love for Turkish, Indian and Thai cuisine.


Filo is a 12-year-old from Victoria.

Growing up in Egypt, Filo was surrounded by cooks. He moved to Australia when he was eight, and has been honing his practice ever since.



Georgia is an 11-year-old from Victoria.

Gerogia's Sri Lankan grandmother has always been a huge influence on her cooking, as she has taught her how to create authentic curries. The 11-year-old also loves making sweet desserts.



Laura is a 13-year-old from Queensland.

She loves all cuisines with Japanese, Italian, Thai, Indian and French being some of her favourite to eat.


Phenix is an 11-year-old from NSW.

She has been surrounded by cooks all her life, with her Dad being a trained chef, and her mother owning a Vietnamese cafe. 



Porsha is an 11-year-old from QLD.

She has been cooking since she was around four years old, encouraged by her parents and grandparents.


Ruby is an 11-year-old from WA.

She regularly uses her pocket money to buy kitchen equipment, and teaches herself how to cook by watching YouTube.



Ryan is an 11-year-old from SA.

He's no stranger to the MasterChef kitchen, cheering on his father Sashi, who won MasterChef Australia in Season 10, 2018.

He particularly loves to cook pasta, and eat Indian and Malaysian cuisine.



Salvo is a 13-year-old from WA.

He was born in Italy, and moved to Australia at the age of five. He's looking forward to showcasing his Italian heritage through his cooking.


Tiffany is a 14-year-old from QLD.

She loves to cook desserts and hopes to host a cooking show for kids one day.

She grew up around food, with her parents owning a market stall where they sold Hungarian Lángos.


Vienna is a 13-year-old from Victoria.

She loves to invent different food combinations, and cook with her mum and grandma.

Feature Image: Network 10.